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McM Inc. is one of North Dakota's largest working farms. Headquartered in St. Thomas, North Dakota, McM Inc. produces crops on 50,000 to 60,000 acres each year. With land stretching across North Dakota and the entire length of the fertile Red River Valley, from Canada to the South Dakota border, McM Inc. has three farm locations within North Dakota and lots of possibilities for a rewarding career in agriculture.

Formed as a corporation in 1995 but farming since 1983, McM Inc. offers great opportunity for anyone looking to get their hands dirty and breathe fresh air. Planting, spraying and harvesting 100% of the crops, McM Inc. employs 50 full-time seasonal and more than 100 part-time seasonal workers. McM Inc. produces spring wheat, sugar beets, red potatoes, dry edible beans, corn, and soybeans.

McM Inc. also runs a mixed herd of 250 Red and Black Angus cows and 50 Registered Shorthorns. Located 12 miles north of Larimore, ND, all of the cows are bred to eight Registered Shorthorn bulls. Calving season is currently split between mid-April and September.

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